Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology, Karachi (2001)

Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology, Karachi


Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology (PIMSAT), Karachi was established to foster academic excellence. PIMSAT is seriously committed to improve the quality of technical and business education in Pakistan.


PIMSAT is managed by group of dedicated professionals and academicians who have committed their lives to the cause of higher education in Pakistan. Since its inception, PIMSAT has imparted knowledge and skills to numerous individuals through many teaching programs. The experience at this institution has played an important role in the professional and personal development of our student. PIMSAT will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the society by creating and providing facilities for personal and professional growth of individuals who wish to make a career in the fields of business, science and technology. The program strategy of PIMSAT is to provide higher education opportunities of the highest quality at a reasonable and affordable cost.


Academic Programs

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Master of Science in Information Technology (MS IT)
• MBA Weekend Program
• Master of Science in Telecom (MS Telecom)
• M.Sc. Applied Science Program

• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
• Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BS IT)
• B. Sc. Applied Sciences
• Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech. Pass & B. Tech. Honors)
• Programs


• Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
• Executive Master of Science in Information Technology
• (EMS IT)

Fee Payment System


1. The fee should be paid on or before the 10th of each month. A late Fee of Rs. 100 per day is charged after the monthly deadline. If the fee is not paid upto the last day of each month, the name of the defaulter will be struck off the rolls.


2. The fee once paid will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.


3. The fee will be charged for the entire duration of each semester, quarter, irrespective of holidays, vacations or closure of institute.


4. Students claiming exemption(s) from any course or courses will be required to pay Exemption fee per course for Bachelors and Masters respectively in the beginning of the semester / quarter.


5. The security deposit is subject to full or partial confiscation in case of loss or damage to the library books issued to students or for other damages/ charges levied against the student. Otherwise the security deposit is refundable subject to clearance by the respective department on completion of program.


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Wise Words

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."



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